Analysis of Mains Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems

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Power Optimisation, sometimes referred to as Voltage Optimisation, is the name given to an electrical energy saving technique, whereby a specialist optimisation device is installed in series with the mains AC electricity supply to site to give an optimum supply voltage for the site’s equipment, and improve power quality by balancing phase voltages, filtering harmonics and transients from the supply.

Report Overview

There are an abundant and every growing number of Power or Voltage Optimisation Systems available throughout the world. All claim to provide energy savings on over-voltage supply sites. This Analysis was conducted to identify the types of Systems available and the effectiveness of each type in reducing power consumption; and thereby saving the user electricity costs.


It was found that although there are many different manufacturers and claims made of technology used, there are really only 3 major types of technology used. These types differ in the switching technology used to change the incoming over-voltage to a lower voltage.


  1. Step-down transformer type which had no switching technology – labelled as 1st Generation in this report.
  2. Thyristor Controlled switching technology – labelled as 2nd Generation in this report.
  3. SCR Controlled switching technology with digital computerisation – labelled as 3rd Generation in this report.



1st Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems – Overview

Many companies still sell and use 1st Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems which are based on 100+ years technology. These non-intelligent old style voltage regulators are used to reduce main incoming AC voltage to sites and building or ‘Optimise Power’. 1st Generation Systems are not purposed designed to save energy or power and therefore not efficient energy saving system. More importantly they only operate one way – reduce voltage – which can be dangerous if there is a dip in the supply main voltage. Low voltage carries greater risks of equipment failure than over-voltage. Electrical motors in lifts, escalators, fridges/freezers and air conditioners can seize and stop without warning. Because 1st Generation does not have any electronics or computerisation there are no Safety or Site By-Pass systems; and as a result cannot be integrated into any digital business management system.


2nd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems – Overview

1st Generation Systems were updated approximately 25 years ago to include simple analogue computerisation and thyristor switches. These updates were a substantial improvement over 1st Generation Systems as they automatically regulated voltage both ways – up or down as needed – and were therefore much safer to use. These systems are electro-mechanical and therefore need constant servicing to replace brushes and other mechanical components. Replacement will require site power interruption and shutdown. 2nd Generation Systems will have limited Safety and Site By-Pass mechanisms.

3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems – Overview

Unlike other machines, 3rd Generation Systems are not adapted old voltage regulator technology. 3rd Generation Systems are purpose designed to reduce energy usage and electricity costs. 3rd Generation Systems also protect electrical equipment and sites from the damaging effect of poor power quality and surges. 3rd Generation Systems automatically regulate voltage both ways to eliminate the damage and cost of over and under-voltage mains power to any site – faster than any other type of voltage regulator.

3rd Generation Systems uniquely include a second integrated machine to stabilise and maintain the User selected output voltage – two machines in one – Voltage Regulator AND Voltage Stabiliser.

Vanguards Power (VP) is a leader in design, development and manufacture of 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems. VP Systems use state-of-the-art computer control to regulate and stabilise all incoming voltage into any building or site.


Author: Phillip Campbell – An Engineer, Director of 6 product companies and Public Speaker. He has published and written a number of technical and business articles about product technology and business management topics. Phillip is interested in much of the Green Agenda and specifically the reduction of CO2 emissions and slowing the destruction of many of the planets limited resources.


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