Increased Energy Savings Using VP 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems

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The major benefit of 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems to the User is the substantial increase in site energy savings – and therefore greater cost savings. This is demonstrated by rigorous testing of all Generation Systems; with the logging of all data incoming voltage, and regulated output voltage over 7 days.


The results show that:


  • 1st Generation System reduced site voltage by an average 6.78% (5.76% KW/h saving logged).
  • 2nd Generation System reduced site voltage by  an average 9.04% (7.68% KW/h saving logged).
  • 3rd Generation System reduced  site voltage by an average 11.3% to 220V (9.6% KW/h saving logged).
  • 1st Generation System stabilisation range – 0%.
  • 2nd Generation System stabilisation range – ±10%.
  • 3rd Generation System stabilisation range – ±1.3%.


1st and 2nd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems voltage varies in tandem with the Supply Voltage. A lot of potential energy savings are lost and the site electrical equipment is still subject to large voltage variances – proven to shorten all electrical equipment life expectancy with increased maintenance costs.


This independent test confirms that 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation System have a tighter regulation and stabilisation of the output voltage thereby maximising energy and cost savings.



The logged Energy Savings from each of the Generation Systems showed:

3rd Generation Power and Voltage Systems increase the energy savings by an additional 40% over 1st Generation; and 20% over 2nd Generation Systems where Output voltage is set at 220V phase voltage.

Where Sites experience main voltage delivery over 220V phase voltage (380V line voltage) electrical equipment is overpowered; power is wasted and all electrical equipment suffers premature failure with reduced life expectancy. In this event, 3rd Generation Power Optimisation Systems need to be installed; thereby saving power, reducing electricity costs, and extending the lifecycle of all electrical equipment.

Vanguards Power (VP) is a leader in design, development and manufacture of 3rd Generation Power Optimisation Systems. VP Systems use state-of-the-art computer control to regulate and stabilise all incoming voltage into any building or site.

Author: Phillip Campbell – An Engineer, Director of 6 product companies and Public Speaker. He has published and written a number of technical and business articles about product technology and business management topics. Phillip is interested in much of the Green Agenda and specifically the reduction of CO2 emissions and slowing the destruction of many of the planets limited resources.


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