Who Needs Power Optimisation?

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1. What is Power Optimisation?

Power Optimisation, sometimes referred to as Voltage Optimisation, is the name given to an electrical energy saving technique, whereby a specialist optimisation device is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to site to give an optimum supply voltage for the site’s equipment, and improve power quality by balancing phase voltages, and filtering harmonics and transients from the supply.

2. Background to the need for Power Optimization.

Power Optimisation is a particularly effective means of saving energy in over-voltage supply countries. Some countries in Europe have a national problem of over-voltage. This is because each country developed its power generation and distribution system to meet its own needs based upon the technology available at the time of design.


3. What is Over-Voltage?

Overvoltage refers to voltage higher than the voltage at which equipment is designed to operate most effectively. It causes a reduction in equipment lifetime and increases in energy consumed with no improvement in performance.


4. Where are the Greatest Energy and Cost Savings?

All electrical equipment responds to Power Optimisation in different ways. Some types of electrical equipment responds very well and provides significant energy/cost savings (especially in areas of over-voltage); and some electrical equipment very little energy savings; and others none (especially thermostatic controlled resistive type electrical devices).


5. How Do I Find Out if Power Optimisation Will Benefit My Property or Site?

As mentioned above, energy and cost savings can only be realised where there is over-voltage. Not all Properties and Sites suffer from over-voltage. In fact there are many sites that suffer from chronic under-voltage. Under-voltage causes the same damaging effects on electrical equipment as over-voltage – and sometimes to cure production or manufacturing problems Power Optimisation is used to increase and maintain site voltage at a level that will stop damage to electrical equipment and processes.


6. Collection of Site Information.

Let’s start you off on your own information gathering and measuring.

Two important measurements are needed to determine if Power Optimisation is for you:


a)    Measurement of Actual site mains voltage.

b)    The cost and amount of power used on the site.


7. How to Analyse Site Information.

We now must determine if Power Optimisation is for you and your company. To make this decision based purely on cost-effectiveness we need to analyse the data you have collected.


8. CO2 Savings

You will notice that we have not calculated the CO2 reduction from the reduced use of electric power using Power Optimisation. This is because the calculation for CO2 reduction depends on the fuel used by your Power Generator to produce your electricity. Contact your Power Generator and ask them what fuel they use to generate your electricity; and the amount of CO2 emitted per Kilowatt of electricity generated.

9. Extended Lifecycle of Electrical Equipment

You will also notice that we have not calculated the value of extended lifecycle and reduction in maintenance costs of your electrical equipment which would exist if voltage levels were optimised. This is because we would have to value the total cost of all electrical equipment and the historic cost of maintenance and replacement.

10. Summary

If you can show from your measurements and calculations that you could save at least 5% of your current spend on electricity using Power Optimisation, then it is likely that you will see a return on your Power Optimisation investment within 3 to 5 years based upon pure cost savings. If you then add to the electricity cost savings the reduction in early replacement of electrical equipment and reduction in maintenance costs, the return-on-investment would be 2 to 4 years.


Vanguards Power (VP) is a leader in design, development and manufacture of 3rd Generation Power Optimisation Systems.

VP Systems which are called: PropSava and LiteSava have our unique Dynamic Digital Voltage Control (DDVC) system.



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Author: Phillip Campbell – An Engineer, Company Director and Public Speaker. He has published and written a number of technical and business articles about product technologies and business management topics. Phillip is interested in much of the Green Agenda and specifically the reduction of CO2 emissions; and the slowing the destruction of many of the planets limited resources.

<A HREF=”http://www.vanguardspower.com”> Voltage Optimisation, Power Optimisation, Voltage Regulators</a>

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