Submission Rules

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  1. All new sign-ups are by default Contributor accounts. Articles can be submitted but must be approved before they are published to
  2. Before you submit, be certain your article is well written and does not appear spammy or overly commercial. Your article must pass human eyes, Copyscape and grammar checks to be published at
  3. Articles that have been badly spun and/or contain badly structures sentences will not be published.
  4. We presently only accept English articles.
  5. The title should not be longer than 70 characters
  6. All article links must refer to related sites. You are allowed 3 links within your article body and you are allowed 2 links in your bio box (not including the social bookmark links which are considered separate).
  7. Anyone caught repeatedly violating the above rules will be banned. This is for the greater good of all concerned.
  8. An Author* account is only available to trusted Contributor account holders who have submitted at least 30 articles which have been approved and published by the admins. You would then request an account upgrade if you so desire.
  9. The fee (paid through a PayPal reoccurring payment agreement) is a mere $10 per year, or about $0.027 cents a day. Less than 3 cents a day.
    (This fee assures a cleaner directory with less spam, less annoying advertising, lessjunk, and a way faster loading website. That saves frustration and time when you have multitudes of articles to publish. It also assures sound investment in website improvements over the years.)
  10. Enjoy posting at To everyone’s success!

*Authors are allowed to directly publish their articles to the website, bypassing the approval process, whereas Contributor account holders must wait for approval. Having an Author account will eliminate any publishing approval delays for accomplished authors. However, no account will bypass the inspection process. Directly published articles will still have to be looked over to assure they all pass’s submission requirements. From experience, we believe the trusted Author account holders would not be the violators of our rules.

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