Voltage Levels around the World

All European and most African and Asian countries use a supply that is within 10% of 230V (Phase Voltage), whereas Japan, North America and some parts of South America use a voltage between 100V and 127V (Phase Voltage).   A […]

Analysis of Mains Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems

Power Optimisation, sometimes referred to as Voltage Optimisation, is the name given to an electrical energy saving technique, whereby a specialist optimisation device is installed in series with the mains AC electricity supply to site to give an optimum supply voltage for […]

Increased Energy Savings Using VP 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems

The major benefit of 3rd Generation Power and Voltage Optimisation Systems to the User is the substantial increase in site energy savings – and therefore greater cost savings. This is demonstrated by rigorous testing of all Generation Systems; with the […]

History of Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators owe their existence to over 200 years of discovery and inventions – from the development of the 1st electric battery by Alessandro Volta (Italy) in 1800 to the latest solid state computerised systems of the present day. The […]